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Assisting variety Japanese Restaurant groups expand in Kuala Lumpur
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Japan remarkable water as the theme for the joint management business
association betweeen Japanese Dining Restaurant Group and Kuala Lumpur F&B

Kuala Lumpur Food and Beverage
Joint Management Business Association

We provide 30 Japanese-quality restaurants which located at 10 districts around Mont Kiara in Kuala Lumpur that make you feel like Tokyo's Ebisu or Hiroo. Futhermore, the remarkable water that purified by best quality water purifier from Japan is different from others.

  • Expanding high quality Japanese restaurants by categories

    The satisfaction of customer is very high because of the authentic Japanese food, Japanese Sake and Japan active professional chef.

  • The difference between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur is the biggest bubble in Asia. Japanese restaurants are in great success and the unit price of customers is the same as in Japan. Seasonless in Kuala Lumpur bring the stable sales and profits.

What is Our Service ?

Mainly we provide 3 services.

  • The restaurants that handle Japanese remarkable water. The restaurant Group handling the best delicious water in Malaysia.

    We provide "Relaxing water" made by the best quality water purifier made in Japan. Each branches show you to "meaning of remarkable water" and "restaurants dealing with Japanese remarkable water" through QR code.

  • Challenges to entrepreneuring in Malaysia
    Challenges to entrepreneuring in Malaysia

    A huge capital and busines licenses are required to start a foreign capital restaurant business. Therefore, you will take hard chalengings to get them over. We can help you and provide a rich economy to many people through Kuala Lumpur Food and beverage joint management business association.

  • Japanese taste through Japanese remarkable water
    Japanese taste through Japanese remarkable water

    Various Japanese food cherishes quality, taste and appearance rather than quantity. It requires perfectly excellent quality such as foodstuff, water, ice, spices and so on. Our restaurants have been improved lack of staffs which is serious issues in Japan, shorten of cooking period, and operated by well-trained staffs.

The 3 main restaurants
that providing Japan's remarkable water

There are 30 outlets that are providing Japan's remarkable water in Malaysia

  • Japan water Bar Izumi
    Japan water Bar Izumi

    Enjoy the best alcohol made by Japanese remarkable water in this cocktail bar with private room for exclusive Japanese. The newest Japanese Karaoke will be also waiting for you.

  • 和食ダイニング 若宮
    Japanese Dining Wakamiya

    Japanese remarkable water enhances a Japanese taste at the Japanese dining restaurant which is cozy and full of Japanese emotion in Nagoya. It takes a good reputation of Japanese cuisine suited with Sake.

  • Sushi Touge

    This Sushi restaurant, which locates at Maruyama in Sapporo, offers you a fine dining and atmosphere. It becomes buzz topic in a media. The best water in Malaysia enhances delicate cuisine.


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Kuala Lumpur Food and beverage joint management business association


Representative: Hirotsugu Tanaka (田中裕二)
Openig Hours: 10am-5pm

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